What is Metodbox?

Metodbox offers its users personalized and indigenous education system. Primary school (1, 2, 3, 4th grades), secondary school (5, 6, 7, 8th grades), high school (9, 10, 11, 12th grades) and university preparation students (11, 12th grades and high school graduates) can Metodbox which provides students “enriched blended learning”.

Chrome iPad

We are providing distance learning via micro learning contents. Those micro learning contents tracked piece by piece to give students perfect suggestions.

Metodbox can be used by website, mobile website, iOS and Android applications and led users have an indigenous education platform.


  • Enriched blended learning,
  • Be tested,
  • Micro learning,
  • Strengthen Power of Memory,

Who can use?


All grades have access to Metodbox!

  • Practice tests,
  • Exam reports,
  • AI supported performance calculations,
  • Notifications to keep students on the road to their success,
  • Lectures & lecture videos,
  • University goals and preferences (for K11 and K12 students),
Rich content, easy interface, personalized suggestions, tracking of all educative information.


All main branches’ teachers have access to Metodbox!

  • Track the success of a single student,
  • Trach the success of a class,
  • Examine AI based created exam reports and solved tests reports,
  • Always be in contact with students via in-app messages,
  • Assign homework to a single student, to a specific class or to a study group,
Useful interface with graphical analytics, easy tracking of students’ success.


Metodbox we have a great dashboard for managers as well

  • Track the user logins,
  • Switch accounts easily between students and teachers,
  • Examine detailed reports of exams, solved tests,
Easy dashboard, graphical analysis of metrics, always be with your school’s students and teachers.


Our students’ parents are also welcomed in Metodbox!

  • Child based detailed reports,
  • Compact dashboard with general information,
  • Easy access to student’s Metodbox account,
  • Notification system that keeps parents up to date,
Easily track your child’s academic report, don’t miss any important updates on your child’s status.

Metodbox Junior!

More visual content, special new characters! For all students in grades between first to fourth!

  • Entertaining education materials,
  • Special games on each grade,
  • Easy access to 3rd party applications and websites that used in school,
  • New interface for kids and children,
  • Designed just for K1-4 students,
Educational games, more visual contents rather than texts, same feature set as all other grades!

Metodbox, supported by AI!

  • Automated Evaluation,
  • Creating more time for teachers,
  • Information Review,
  • To follow what students, learn and how,
  • Adaptive Learning,
  • Organizing learning materials according to individual,
  • Personalized Learning,
  • Provide more complex tasks according to students’ level and educational speed,
  • Data Collection & Advanced Forecasting,
  • Estimate students’ choice of area and goal with life-long recorded data,