What is SeeMeet?

SeeMeet is a social interaction platform that meets the needs of distance education and distance conferences that developed during the pandemic that shook the whole world.

  • It allows users to make their training processes and daily conversations despite the distance.
  • It provides services in three different ways as academic, individual and commercial.

Features of SeeMeet:


  • SeeMeet does not process personal data of any users and does not sell it to other companies for advertising and marketing.
  • It provides services through highly secure cloud services in Turkey. It is not possible to share any data domestically or abroad.
  • User attention tracking features, voice recognition, parsing cleaning software are not available.


  • Thanks to its easy-to-use interface, it eliminates the loss of time and the time to learn the platform that will take a long time.
  • Thanks to its calendar and notes feature, it allows the planning of all daily business and meetings without the need for an extra application.
  • It can be used on all computers with new generation web browsers without the need to install any programs. It is also available in iOS and Android markets for mobile users.


  • With suitability for academic use, it allows easy planning of the entire education process from beginning to end and continuing education in the form of live lessons.
  • Teachers have the opportunity to make one-to-one lessons by forming study groups, as in schools.
  • Club classes, seminars and guidance meetings can also be made with SeeMeet. In this way, students are prevented from staying away from their social life as well as their academic life.

Usage Areas of SeeMeet:


  • It provides an environment where distance education is carried out without interruption, where teachers and students can work as interactive live lessons in a virtual school environment.
  • SeeMeet working in integration with Metodbox; It produces detailed reports on the academic progress of students by combining the data obtained from students' academic achievements and their participation in live classes.
  • Teachers can easily create live lessons, compensation lessons and share the educational materials they use in the lesson with their students.
  • It contributes to the parallel progress of students' academic and social lives by organizing online seminars and events.


  • By using SeeMeet, companies can schedule all their meetings daily, weekly, monthly, etc. they can easily schedule in time zones and easily make all their calls and share files.
  • They can interactively organize their job interviews, orientation processes and in-house trainings via SeeMeet.
  • They can easily manage future, past and planned meetings with the agenda on SeeMeet.


  • Users can make uninterrupted audio or video conversations with family, friends and all other social circles by eliminating distances.
  • They can share files with each other and have fun with group meetings they organize.