R&D Project


Emotional Learning, Distance Education

Methodbox AR is an education-focused augmented reality application where students and teachers at K12 levels can easily access AR (Augmented Reality) content in all courses, units and subjects from the same platform.

It was developed to enrich students' lives with new experiences and make learning more enjoyable.

Methodbox AR is an application supported by a virtual environment that allows students to interact with the real world in real time, without disconnecting them from the feeling of reality. In a brand new learning environment where the real world and the virtual world coexist, students will be able to reinforce their learning while having fun with content specific to them. They will be able to see the real-world applications of their theoretical knowledge.

In Methodbox AR, all students can access content suitable for their level by choosing courses, units and topics. In addition, the contents are supported with visuals, interactive visuals, texts and voice-overs to meet the students' needs in a versatile way.​