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Live Lessons, Distance Communication

What is SeeMeet? SeeMeet; It is a video calling platform that you can use with an internet browser, desktop application and mobile application. The most important point that distinguishes SeeMeet from other meeting applications is that it is "education-based". It works in full harmony with "Metodbox", another product we have developed, allowing live lessons to be held without interruption. Methodbox Bee provides teachers with an evaluation system for such courses. While helping all PBL (Project Based Learning) teachers manage their processes and course content, it evaluates their students with themes and project steps with a holistic approach. MethodboxBee has three different annual packages for individual projects, teachers and educational institutions. Thanks to the many different features we have added to the application, live lessons can be taught uninterruptedly and interactively, as if they were taught in a classroom environment.
Stay Online, Secure View!

  Since the first day we launched SeeMeet, our slogan has been “stay online, see safely”. So you can have peace of mind when using SeeMeet. Because we never share user data with third-party companies. We also provide all our cloud services through secure platforms and set up your data.

Who Can Use It?

   We positioned SeeMeet in two packages: "individual" and "corporate" use. Thus, we provide the usage infrastructure and all the necessary support with our expert team in line with the requests of individuals and institutions.

Don't forget to visit the website to get more detailed information about SeeMeet and start using it as soon as possible.