Our Focus Areas

Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

We reshape our business processes with our stable AI solutions. This makes our workflows more efficient, while also enabling us to provide faster and smarter service to our users and partners.

High Volume Traffic Management

With our experience in cloud systems, we manage high volume traffic smoothly, so our users can receive uninterrupted service even at the busiest times.

Educational Technologies

We maximize the success and effectiveness of students and teachers with our innovative educational technologies. We personalize learning processes and enable each student to reveal their potential.

Machine Learning

With our powerful machine learning algorithms, we enable you to make smarter and faster decisions with information obtained from data.

Web & Mobile

By integrating educational technologies on web and mobile platforms, we make the learning experience accessible and interactive from anywhere, on every device.


With our automated infrastructure management and continuous integration/deploy processes, we accelerate our software development cycles and deliver faster innovations to our users.