R&D Project



Emotional Learning, Distance Education

Uğur Digital is a learning platform that offers digital course experience to students enrolled in university and high school exam preparation courses, their teachers, course administrators and parents of students, both on the web and through IOS, Android and Huawei applications.
Why Uğur Dijital?

 Trial Exams Prepared with Original Questions 

 Personalized Solution-Focused Guidance Approach 

 Technological Support to Education with Uğur Dİjital 

 Winning Original Publications 

 Trial exams and academic support contents prepared by Experienced, Dynamic and Strong Academic Staff 

How Does Uğur Dijital Work?

 Rich Content 

  Lectures, question banks, videos, study fascicles, etc. in accordance with the Ministry of Education curriculum. There are thousands of contents such as. 


 Repeating a Lesson 

  It allows students to review on their own the topics in the courses they missed or had difficulty learning. 


 Goal Setting 

  It helps students enter the goals they want to achieve and create their plans in line with these goals. 



  It follows the student step by step, keeping track of the courses and subjects he/she has studied and the tests he/she has solved. 


 Topic Deficiency 

  It identifies the student's deficiencies and gives them the opportunity to complete these deficiencies. 



  It is an education support solution that enables situation evaluation with reporting screens.