R&D Project

Metodbox Bee


STEM, Portfolio, K12

Courses that require special creativity, production and presentation skills to solve the “Knowledge-Based Real Life Problem” cannot be evaluated with standard metrics and systems. Methodbox Bee provides teachers with an evaluation system for such courses. While helping all PBL (Project Based Learning) teachers manage their processes and course content, it evaluates their students with themes and project steps with a holistic approach. MethodboxBee has three different annual packages for individual projects, teachers and educational institutions.
Who can use Methodbox Bee?

 All teachers teaching PBL (Project Based Learning) based courses. (STEM Teachers, Project Teachers, etc.)


 Students participate in educational processes in a fun learning environment with colorful designs.

 They see and complete tasks specific to their group.

 At the end of the project, they can view all their work on the platform in their e-portfolio and receive their certificates.


 Teachers can manage the project process and content and measure students' potential in terms of lessons and achievements with a holistic approach.

 Teachers can easily manage the entire project process, create project groups, and assign tasks and content to students through MethodboxBee.

 They can easily communicate with students collectively and individually if necessary.


 Administrator is the type of user who will assign the project, season, content, teacher, classes and all other mandatory parts to be displayed in the system.

 If the system is used with multiple classes and schools, the administrator can view detailed graphical data with detailed reports.

 The manager's job is to ensure the sanity of the entire process.