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Lifelong Learning Programs Creation & Management Platform


Language Education, Asynchronous Lessons,

With the globalization of the world, technology has entered into every aspect of our lives. Especially in recent years, with the impact of the pandemic, innovations in the technological field have almost entirely transformed human life. Thanks to the advancement of technology, every sector has dedicated itself to keeping up with these innovations and benefiting from all the blessings that technology offers. In education, the digital transformation, the widespread use of smart boards, the shift towards lessons being taught with tablets, and the unstoppable progress of artificial intelligence technology have added different dimensions to education. Perhaps the most important dimension gained from these advancements, and considered the education of the future, is online learning, which has become significant not only for formal education but also for lifelong learning. In today's world, where knowledge is the fundamental element of development and change, the concept of lifelong learning has emerged as an important concept for surviving in the knowledge ecology and adapting to the changes, allowing learners of all ages to continue learning new information without the need for a specific time or place.

   As BK Mobile, our goal with this project is to develop a learning platform that provides technological convenience and power to the world's most open-minded, eager, intelligent learners and teachers. The education, profession, language, etc. that the BK Mobile Lifelong Learning Programs Creation & Management Platform (BKPP) wants to offer online or hybridly. It continues to be developed as a platform where it can offer its programs via the web, tablets and mobile phones.

   With Mymentora, online programs can be created quickly and presented to users immediately. Students' needs certainly change rapidly over time. Fortunately, online programs allow teaching and learning to work beautifully virtually, whether you're fully online, in-person, or a mix of both.

   Designed to serve more students in new and exciting ways, from K12 students or teens to adults seeking new careers, and from traditional to non-traditional students.

   It makes educational technologies more personal, adaptive, and more equitable for student achievement for every stage and style of education. It makes Learning Management possible for everyone/every institution/organization. All teaching and learning takes place through a convenient interface of the website, tablets or our mobile applications. Our distance learning management system (LMS) helps students plan their learning journeys, access asynchronous or synchronous content, meet with teachers through live lessons, and measure their performance. Exam, test preparation, measurement and evaluation are very easy for every program owner. When you teach with MyMentora, it can show you what your students know and don't know against any learning standard. Able to use standards-based formative and benchmark assessment tools to inform students, teachers, administrators, parents, design timely interventions, collaborate with other teachers, and address each student's needs.

Our achievements with MyMentora

   Ensuring the compatibility of internet and mobile networks with interactive synchronous/asynchronous distance education technologies, Creating infrastructures for the use of innovative mobile environments,

   Introducing innovative approaches and practices in education and training processes, delivering effective and efficient learning opportunities to all individuals within the scope of equal opportunities in education, and presenting program implementation suggestions in the context of lifelong learning,

   Recommending new applications and technologies that can create positive transformations in educational activities and learning outcomes, and examining the reflections of these technologies in the context of all age, learning levels and need groups,

   Developing innovative content preparation and presentation tools that support current standards for e-learning content (such as IMS LTI, CEDS, etc.).