BK Mobil

BK Mobil is an innovative initiative that acts with the vision of shaping the educational technologies of the future.

Within this goal, the company is focused on developing young scientists through digital educational tools to ensure Turkey's position among the global leaders in technology. The educational technology systems being developed by BK Mobil aim to encourage younger generations, instilling in them the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship.

BK Mobil aims to be one step ahead with its strong technological infrastructure, visionary approach, willingness to invest in the future, and innovative ideas and developments. Collaborating with parents and educators, BK Mobil pursues various working disciplines together to develop a social product aimed at assisting children in building their futures.

Our Mission Our Vision

BK Mobil continues its research and development activities with the desire to create a positive change in education, striving to offer innovative ways to help shape the lifelong success of young people.

With this vision, BK Mobil persists in producing solutions that shape the future, resonate internationally, and enhance the quality and accessibility of education, thus further expanding Turkey's impact in the global scale of educational technologies.

Artificial Intelligence


Education Software

Machine Learning