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Social Emotional Learning Based Digital Education Platform


Emotional Learning, Distance Education

Mentonet is an innovative platform that reveals the importance of knowledge in education and focuses on Social Emotional Learning (SBL) methods. Nowadays, beyond academic success, developing students' social and emotional skills is vital. These skills enable individuals to establish healthy relationships in society, cope with emotional difficulties, and empathize with others. By supporting these basic skills, Mentonet embraces an understanding that education is not only the transfer of knowledge but also a process of character development and personal growth. Methodbox Bee provides teachers with an evaluation system for such courses. While helping all PBL (Project Based Learning) teachers manage their processes and course content, it evaluates their students with themes and project steps with a holistic approach. MethodboxBee has three different annual packages for individual projects, teachers and educational institutions. Mentonet aims to create an educational information network that is accessible, inclusive and transformative for everyone. Our platform provides easy access to the resources educators, students, and parents need through Methodbox and our user-friendly interfaces. Meet Mentonet for an education approach that prioritizes social and emotional skills as well as academic success.

  Educators can use Social Emotional Learning methods in classroom environments to learn and develop students' social and emotional skills. Students can benefit from different IBL tools to improve their emotional awareness, self-management skills, empathy and relationship skills.


 Students can use Social Emotional Learning methods to improve their own social and emotional skills. They can use Social Emotional Learning tools to improve their skills in self-awareness, empathy, self-management, and interaction with others.


 School administrators can use Social Emotional Learning methods to measure and evaluate students' social and emotional skills. Using these measurement and evaluation results, they can improve social and emotional learning programs at school.


 Parents can use Social Emotional Learning methods to improve their own children's social and emotional skills. These methods can help parents increase their children's emotional awareness and provide them with empathy and effective communication skills.


 Employers can use Social Emotional Learning methods to improve the social and emotional skills of employees in the workplace. These methods can help improve effective communication and collaboration skills in the workplace.

Measurement and Evaluation of Social and Emotional Learning

 IBL measurement and evaluation is an effective tool used to increase students' academic success and improve their social and emotional skills.

 For this reason, many school systems and educators use IBL methods to measure and evaluate students' social and emotional skills.

 With the Mentonet platform, IBL measurement and evaluation can be done using different scales and tools that determine students' social and emotional skills. Among these tools;


             Observation Forms


             Performance tasks are included.

 Mentonet platform makes personal and adaptive learning experience supported by educational technologies accessible to everyone. By measuring the development of students' academic and social-emotional skills, it enables teachers and administrators to better support students.

 With the Mentonet platform, education becomes more equitable, personal and adaptive. It helps eliminate inequalities in education by providing every student with the attention and support they need.